Flood Damage Restoration & Flood Extraction Sunny Isles Beach

It is an overwhelming and staggering experience to return home and find your house has been affected by flooding. This is a misfortunate situation that may take some time to deal with, if dealt with alone. The damage caused by floods can take many, many days and many dollars to repair. Just a tiny amount of water in your home, for just a few hours, can wreak chaos.

We understand completely that your home is the most important investment in your life. If your house is flooded or water damage has accrued in your home, then let our damage restoration specialists restore your property to its original condition, or better.

We will prepare a free professional damage assessment, and we offer our customers safe and innovative solutions to all their problems. Our certified technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and will arrive equipped with fully loaded emergency units, so that they can begin the restoration process immediately.

Water damage, when left untreated, will cause unsightly and unhealthy mold within dwellings. Mold spores travel through ventilation systems, and can cause illness and health troubles. Mold causes a high number of respiratory problems in the young and old alike. Not to mention the effects it can also have on our pets.

We expertly perform mold and moisture detection services in Sunny Isles Beach, as well as the nearby areas. If your home or office has a musty scent, then call us immediately. If you can actually see the mold growing along your basement walls, baseboards, or ceiling tiles, then call us as fast as possible! Our mold and moisture extraction services in Sunny Isles beach will quickly get rid of the water damage culprit, leaving your home or office safe to live in once again!

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Mold and dust mites can wreak havoc both your health and your home like no other. In just a few years, they can significantly damage your home and personal property...


In the unfortunate event you experience fire damage and smoke damage in your home, call Water Damage Sunny Isles Beach for professional restoration services...


It is an overwhelming and staggering experience to get to your house and take in that your dwelling has been flooded. This is a misfortunate experience...



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Your company did a very thorough job, your despatchers as well as your technicians were honest and wonderful to work with. I received a timely follow-up and received great customer service that is very rare now days. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Harrison H.